Intellectual Disability Evaluation


Are you worried about your child’s cognitive development?

At Legacy Center we can evaluate for the presence of a Global Developmental Delay (prior to the age of 5) or an Intellectual Disability.

A Global Developmental Delay is used for children under the age of 5 years old when a child fails to meet expected developmental milestones in several areas of intellectual and adaptive functioning. When a child is diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay a re-assessment is required when the child is five years old or older to determine the current level of developmental functioning.

An Intellectual Disability (ID) is a life-long disability characterized by deficits in general mental abilities and impairments in everyday adaptive functioning. The onset of the intellectual and adaptive deficits occur during the developmental period. Deficits in intellectual functions can include deficits in the areas of reasoning, problem solving, planning, abstract thinking, judgement, academic learning, and learning from experience. Deficits in adaptive functioning suggest that the individual fails to meet developmental and sociocultural standards for personal independence and social responsibility. Adaptive deficits limit functioning in one or more activities of daily life, such as communication, social participation, and independent living, across multiple environments.  ID can include a wide variety of functioning, disability, and strengths.

Symptoms that may indicate your child may benefit from this type of evaluation:

  • Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, or walking late
  • Talking late or having trouble with talking
  • Slow to master things like toilet-training, dressing, and feeding himself or herself
  • Difficulty remembering things
  • Inability to connect actions with consequences
  • Behavior problems such as explosive tantrums
  • Difficulty with problem-solving or logical thinking


Parents will attend a 1 hour intake session which is typically conducted via telehealth. The purpose of the intake session is to review consent forms, to discuss history and presenting concerns, to determine the type of evaluation that is recommended, and to schedule the evaluation. During the evaluation, you will fill out the Vineland-III to assess your child’s adaptive functioning. Your child will have one in-office testing appointment to assess for Global Developmental Delay or Intellectual Disability. During the evaluation, your child will be given a cognitive test which is determined by their age. The cognitive measures administered by Legacy Center include:

  • Bayley Scales of Infant Development Fourth Edition (Bayley -4)
  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV)
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fifth Edition (WISC-V)

Please bring snacks and water for your child. Once all appointments (in-office and telehealth) have been completed, and once all report measures have been submitted, a telehealth feedback session will scheduled. Typically feedback sessions are completed 2-weeks following the last date of testing, as long as all report measures are completed. During the feedback session, the provider will review your child’s results, diagnoses, and recommendations for treatment. Following the feedback session, you have the choice to pick-up your child’s report or have it mailed to you.