Jennifer received a dual Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming.

Jennifer has specialized experience in assisting and training parents and special needs students in the transition from high school graduation into careers that complement their unique set of strengths.

After moving to Colorado, Jennifer built, from the ground up, a special needs department inside a private school in Littleton, Colorado. The program became an extremely successful feature of the school as it grew and expanded to support exiting students who needed assistance, as well as a draw for new students who now found a comprehensive educational platform at the school.

Jennifer has received licensure by the National Institute for the Learning Disabled (NILD) as a Learning Disability Therapist. She has provided intensive, individualized therapy and evaluations to countless K-12 students. Jennifer is also an Unlicensed Psychotherapist as recognized by the Colorado State Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).

Jennifer currently works at Legacy Center as a testing technician under the supervision of Dr. Molly White.

She and her husband live in Castle Rock with their three children, a dog, and a cat.