Couples Therapy



Some common problems in a relationship include:

  • A lack of intimacy and/or connection
  • Difficulty communicating and feeling heard by your partner
  • Frequent fighting
  • Extra-marital affairs and a lack of trust
  • Trying to decide whether to stay in the relationship
  • Financial hardship and differences in handling the finances
  • Blended family issues

What to Expect:

Intake/First Session: During your first session, you will talk through the issues you both are facing in your relationship. You will hear about your therapists approach to couples therapy to make sure it will be a good fit for both you and your partner. You will also talk about any other relevant factors in your relationship including: mental health issues, family composition, and relationship history.

Treatment Planning: During this stage you and your partner will identify your specific issues that will be addressed in counseling. You will work with the therapist to identify a course of treatment that will help you and your partner to meet your goals.

Working Stage: You and your partner will begin working through your issues with direction from the therapist by learning effective communication skills, developing healthy boundaries in the relationship, and implementing healthy family structure.

Meeting goals/Management Stage: As you begin having success implementing skills you have learned and progress is being made, you will work with the therapist to maintain progress and work through any issues that come up as the change occurs.

Termination Stage: Once your goals have been met and skills are being implemented over a period of time with success, you and your partner will work toward ending treatment with your therapist.